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TikTok Ads is Now Integrated Into Laser

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

You can now create your unique audiences in Laser and publish your ads in TikTok. Laser is the only geo-marketing tool available for TikTok. By just using Laser, you can create your custom made audience and share your ads with your audience in Facebook, Twitter and TikTok.

Here are the advantages of Laser when compared to the other audience creation platforms:

  1. Geo-Targeting

  2. Granular Audience Size

  3. Cost Per Unit

  4. Speed

  5. Target Audience Footfall Reports

  6. Determining Lifestyles Accurately

  7. Audience available in all ad platforms

  8. Enrichment with Brand Mobile Application Data

  9. Time Filters While Creating Audience: Time-Date Range & Location Visit

  10. Targeting Competitor, Churn and loyalty

  11. GDPR Compliancy

  12. Cookieless Data Source

Go ahead and sign up to Laser for free and try it for yourself:

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