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Boost Roas with Laser

Laser is a SaaS digital marketing platform that offers highly accurate audiences for cookieless ad targeting.


Integrated with


Laser is the first and only SaaS platform in the digital marketing industry worldwide that processes and merges data without cookies using geo-algorithms.


Future is Cookieless


Finding the right audience is becoming important for digital marketers


Why Laser ?

Trusted Data Partners

  190 Countries

+150 K popular apps

+2,5 B mobile data

Laser and Vision SaaS platforms cover all data protection regulation requirements. 

The Largest GPS Based Cookieless Audience Generation

Core Product Features

Marketplace offers predefined target groups that enable direct use.


Audience Composer


Audience Composer offers the possibility to compile your own target groups with over 200,000 persona combinations.


Hyper Local Targeting

Hyper Local enables multiple hyper location pins and goals through an active lifestyle from the past to the present in real-time.

Audience Reports


After using the predefined audience or audience composer, you'll get your audience status and size reports


Profile Settings

Connect your advertising account and easily automate your targeting process.


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Find suitable pricing offers for your targeting needs.

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