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The Full Story

ARCANOR was founded on February 19, 2021 by Ali Baran, Nihat Kantar, Kaan Kalle. These three colleagues in telecommunication sector faced a common problem: the bottleneck in data processing. 

Arcanor provides SaaS applications to clients across various sectors. Laser is a state-of-the-art cookieless DMP solution integrated with ad channels. Vision is an unparalleled market and location intelligence tool with real time processing capabilities.


We democratize data and make analytics affordable for everyone. Arcanor designed and develop 1st hyper analytics infrastructure in the world. 


Arcanor analyzing big data for the future technologies like hyper connectivity in 5g, autonomous driving, drones, autonomous industries needs. 

With this system created, the company can go to the masses in advertising and strategic decision-making processes. With Arcanor, we offer solutions to companies with our data analysis of 8 countries. So what do these solutions encompass?


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