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Staying Ahead of the Competition in the Aviation Industry

The aviation industry is constantly evolving, with new competitors entering the market and passenger preferences changing. In order to stay ahead of the competition, it's important to have a deep understanding of the industry's dynamics and relationships. Our Vision product allows airline & airport companies to dive deep into competition patterns, relationships and market dynamics.

One of the key areas that we can help with is understanding your potential customers. Our Vision product enables companies to understand passenger segmentation, airport preferences and other behavioural patterns and preferences through highly granular GPS mobility data. In addition to these, vision allows tracking the end-to-end passenger journey, from the moment a passenger books a flight to when they arrive at their destination. This information can then be used to target frequent active flyers more effectively.

We are also the first company to match mobile phone mobility data with aircraft signals to create a bigger picture of the aviation industry. This Global Aircraft & Passenger Mobility Data Fusion helps companies to better understand their target audience and to make more informed decisions about where to focus their marketing efforts.

Our audience creation platform, Laser, can be used in addition to vision to create targeted audience segments based on the advanced analysis done using vision. Companies can create audiences based on passenger preferences, airport preferences, active frequent flyer data and all other analyses to deliver effective and relevant advertising campaigns.

By using both Vision and Laser together, companies in the aviation industry can gain a complete understanding of their target audience and the industry as a whole. Whether you're an airline, airport or another player in the aviation industry, Arcanor's products can help you to stay ahead of the competition and to make better decisions.

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