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Insights from Roosevelt Field Mall: Uncovering Retail Trends and Opportunities

Welcome to an exciting exploration into the world of retail analytics! In this blog post, we present the captivating insights derived from our recent analysis of Roosevelt Field Mall, conducted over the period of January 2023. Join us on a data-driven journey as we uncover fascinating trends and unveil the hidden potential that lies within this bustling retail hub.

To provide you with a captivating visual representation of the data-driven insights we uncovered, we have prepared a mesmerizing video showcasing the indoor mobility patterns within Roosevelt Field Mall. Watch as the data comes to life, illustrating the flow of visitors, popular areas, and the dynamics of customer movement within the mall.

The Most Crowded Hours

Our analysis revealed a standout revelation - 6 PM emerges as the busiest hour at Roosevelt Field Mall. During this time, a significant influx of shoppers floods the mall. Furthermore, Saturdays take the lead as the most crowded day of the week, with footfall nearly doubling compared to weekdays. However, what truly captivated our attention were the extraordinary days of the 21st and 22nd of January, which witnessed a remarkable surge in activity, presenting a golden opportunity for retailers & advertisers to maximize their impact on these peak days.

Customer Income Analysis

Understanding the demographic makeup of visitors is crucial for retailers aiming to tailor their offerings and experiences. Our study indicated that a substantial portion of visitors at the mall belongs to the highest-income bracket. Remarkably, 35% of visitors fall within the top 20% income range, showcasing a notable presence of affluent individuals. Additionally, 21% of visitors can be found within the top 20-30% income range, providing retailers and advertisers with valuable insights into the spending power of their customer base.

Visitor Interests

Diving deeper into the data, we uncovered intriguing patterns in visitor interests that can help shape retailers' strategies. While art enthusiasts comprise a modest % of visitors, it is the fashion-forward individuals who dominate the scene. A staggering 25% of visitors exhibited a high level of enthusiasm for fashion, signaling a significant opportunity for retailers to curate tailored experiences, showcase the latest trends, and capture the attention of this fashion-savvy audience.

The power of data analytics has opened up new horizons for the retail & advertising industry, providing invaluable insights that can shape decision-making, drive growth, and create unforgettable customer experiences. At Arcanor, we are dedicated to empowering businesses with data-driven intelligence, and our analysis of Roosevelt Field Mall is a testament to the transformative impact of leveraging data for success.

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