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How we generate VIP, High Net-Worth Segments?

Updated: Jan 18

Arcanor mobility infrastructure differentiates audience profiles such as demographics, income segments and lifestyles through physical location visits. Arcanor enables you to produce an advertising audience based on realistic and active visits, unlike normal advertising channels.

Arcanor creates upper income audiences based on real estate values. Our algorithm matches neighborhoods with square meter property value globally.

In addition, our algorithms create income segments based on frequent travel, visits to luxury cafes, restaurants and hotels. In this way, Arcanor distinguish segments such as the top 1 percent or 10 percent of income according to residential areas, active location visits, and lifestyle.

Arcanor can also create VIP high-end luxury profiles. We create these segments through heliport, golf course, equestrian club, private jet airport and marina visits.

You can find sample analyses on VIP, High Net-worth and upper-income audience composition on our platform.

1.Mandarin Residences Luxury Villa Neighborhood, Bodrum - Turkey , June 2023

2. Kemer Country Golf Club Visitors, Istanbul - Turkey, September 2022

3. Hamburger Golf Club, Falkenstein - Germany, March 2022

4. Canary Island, Millionare British VIP in Spain, September 2023

  • San Sebastian de la Gomera Island

  • Santa Cruz de Tenerife

  • Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

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