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Arcanor is now compliant with IAB Europe TCF V2.2

Arcanor, emphasizes the importance of transparency and control regarding consumer data, a sentiment echoed by regulators worldwide. Consumers rightfully demand clarity regarding data collection practices, including who collects their data, what data is collected, and how it's utilized.

In alignment with these principles, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) introduced Transparency Consent Framework 2.2, aimed at aiding advertising platforms in adhering to the stringent guidelines of Europe's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Arcanor proudly announces full compliance with TCF 2.2, offering significant implications for publishers:

TCF 2.2 eliminates the 'legitimate interest' exemption for ads and content. Previous iterations of the Transparency Consent Framework permitted adtech entities and publishers to gather specific data without explicit consumer consent under the guise of "legitimate interest."

However, TCF 2.2 addresses this gap by closing the 'legitimate interest' loophole. While European regulations allow the defense of "legitimate interest" in certain circumstances, recent guidelines make it clear that it cannot justify data collection without explicit consent for advertising purposes.

Arcanor stresses the importance of obtaining user consent before collecting data for targeted advertising or content personalization, aligning with evolving regulatory standards and prioritizing consumer privacy.

For more information on the TCF V2.2 visit:

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