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Understanding patient preferences and segments through mobility metrics via Arcanor's market intelligence platform

Image by National Cancer Institute

A Panoramic View  


Vision helps decision makers to understand whole market dynamics through active market mobility data 

Helios Klinikum Berlin Buch.png

Match human mobility with patient personas


Analyze city wise mobility and correlate with energy consumption

Understand Market with  Network graphs 


Understand your potential customers accurately through active mobility patterns


Acquire new customers 

Laser helps energy companies to laser target in their digital ads to their potential customers.


Over 1000 Charts and Ready Templates


Vision enables you quickly customize and add your own charts and then dashboards through any country data


Manage your Users

Customize your user roles, limit and restrict your dashboard or chart according to your organizational plan 

Global Data Coverage

  190 countries

+150 thousand popular apps

+2.5 billion mobile data

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