Our Technology

Preparing for the exponential growth of multi-sourced data through GPU acceleration.

Faster than ever

Crunch at magnitudes faster through GPU accelerated processes for massive scale tabular and spatial analytics, model training and visualization workloads.

Multi-dimensional and massive data

Unifying various data objects and layers streamed through multiple data sources via data fusion enables the GPU accelerated infrastructure to compute massive data analysis through-out multi-dimensions. 

patterns of life.png
Deep learning enabler

Deep learning enables multi-sourced computations  such as uncovering patterns of life, behavioral correlations and spatial clusters through deep learning and AI algorithms seamlessly interacting with BI dashboards. The scalability and compute efficiency of the GPU accelerated infrastructure in combination to crystallized data attributes enables us to train and monetize attributes and algorithms.

Data attributes fused from various sources provide cross-sectoral synergies.
Characteristics of consumers and audiences are mapped like genetic sequences.

Paradigm Shift

Present day customer requirements for data analytics, require multiple data source fusing systems and high speed and performance data crunching, while seamlessly providing training models, visualizing through BI interfaces and data management endpoints. Therefore, conventional data analytics is soon coming to an end.


85% cost reduction

State-of-the-art processor architectures allow for time and computational efficieny


100x faster

Batch and real time data streams efficiently parallelized and computed at 100x faster.


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