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Our Cutting-Edge Technology Featured in BT-HABER

Turks processing the world's largest data

As you know, in a time when the world is going through a major economic reset, Turkey has become one of the region's most prominent and important actors in the world. In particular, we are proud that Turks are interested in the technologies that will shape the future. The recent developments in our defense industry are good examples of this.

We have become a country that not only produces but also aspires to the technology of the future in the defence industry. We believe that another good example of this is the successful breakthrough we have made with our electric vehicle TOGG. Our companies that will shape the future of drones and electric vehicles have developed a serious labor force and supplier ecosystem in the Turkish ecosystem.

Arcanor is a young and modest company. Founded by former telecom operators and located in the Informatics Valley campus, this company is able to profile the mobility of objects such as drones, electric vehicles, smartphones, ships and airplanes with spatial features and produce special analyzes. Last month, Arcanor received a technology patent from the US by developing an infrastructure that makes mobility movement meaningful in seconds with a new method all over the world.

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