Arcanor Orion
Data Fusion Marketplace


Your data marketplace and exchange for all analytic needs.

From enriching attributes in machine learning and deep learning models to increase precision to the monetization of unused and archived data sets for data asset valuations, our marketplace offers the unlocking of the data economics paradigm.

Real, Meta and Hybrid data attributes

Through high performance computations we can derive, readier-to-use meta data attributes for your deep learning workflows or media campaign strategies.

The data fusion infrastructure, in addition to meta data, provides hybrid solutions with data attribute generation through the fusion of different data vectors and sources.


Secure data transfer

Protected transferring of data sets and libraries across SSL secured networks, companies, object storage servers or data lakes to the anonymizing of Personal Identifiers for privacy compliance.

Infrastructure Independent

Easily upload data sets for sale, or download data sets for download across orion's marketplace to your local workstation or your cloud object storage and data lake infrastructure without any barriers of implementation.


Train your model with multi-dimensional data attributes. 


Enrich your data attributes with other high quality data sources.

Capitalize your achived data.

Start today.