Arcanor Marketing Services​ 


Analytics powered actionable intelligence.

Cloud-based big data services that enables marketing organizations to personalize online, offline, and mobile marketing campaigns with richer and more-actionable information with targeted audiences.

Unlike the conventional marketing and analytics solutions, we differentiate through the enrichment of data attributes through state-of-the-art fusion and meta-data enrichment methodologies.


How we work?

Billions of anonymous devices,

Fused into multi-dimensional data,

Within GPU based infrastructure,

Gives precise segments and meta-data,

that's Visualize & Request in
real-time via dashboards

Through the fusion of multiple data sources streamed from billions of points varying from location to digital intent, our services increase audience precision and the capability to analyze and create ready-to-upload segments powered by deep learning algorithms.  This provides higher-definition data attributes and granularity.

Multi-channel Targeting

Segments and audiences can be published in all digital marketing channels.


Targeting Capability

Reach audiences that you cannot reach in digital marketing channels with data analytics.

Lookalike Segmentation

Create algorithm generated audiences for higher precision lookalike and segmentation via

  • Physical Behavior,

  • Digital Intent,

  • Data Enrichment 


Cost Saving

Reduce your advertisement costs by up to 85% by higher efficiency and granularity targeting with custom audiences.


Would you want to enrich your data with ours?

Filter your target audience through our data marketplace platform, Arcanor-Orion.

Would you want to identify your customers on the map?

Reach your customers through polygons via our location analytics platform, Arcanor - Zeus.

Would you want to find your target audience with our tailor made service?   

Contact us through our expert.

Would you want to connect with your potential customers via ready-built audiences?

Contact us through our experts.